Dan Kaufman was once a lawyer, but tired of the job-security, money, and respect.  Today Dan realizes his mistake, but unfortunately he let his Bar membership lapse.   Oh well!  On the plus side Dan gets much easier hours, and those are mostly spent around happy, drunk people.  Sometimes Dan is happy and drunk himself (which was frowned upon in a courtroom). 

Dan was featured as a “Fresh Mug” in the Chicago Comedy Festival, and has appeared many times on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom Show and on their CD compilation, “Sideshow”.  Dan is also the voice of the Encyclopedia Britannica dog!

Since 2011, Dan spends most of his time producing and hosting the Myoclonic Jerk Podcast.


clubs and colleges across the country

The Improv – CA / DC / IL / OH

Catch a Rising Star – Atlantic City, NJ / Reno, NV

Funny Bone – IL / IN / LA / MO / SD

Acme Comedy Club – Minneapolis, MN

Capitol City Comedy Club – Austin, TX

Charlie Goodnights – Raleigh, NC

Comedy Castle – Detroit, MI

Comedy Club – Madison, WI


Go Bananas – Cincinnatti, OH

Helium – Philadelphia, PA

Laff Stop – Houston, TX

Morty’s – Indianapolis, IN 

Wit’s End – Denver, CO

DePaul University – Chicago, IL

 University of Chicago – Chicago, IL

 and many more… (25 states and counting…)




                                       comics i’ve worked with *

diane alaimo 6

jeff altman 3

louie anderson

allyn ball 16

todd barry

ty barnett 3

t.r. benker 3

ross bennet (aka
eddy strange)

john bowman

tony boswell 10

bill brady

mark britten16

r. bruce

richie byrne 23

jeff caldwell 19, 26

monica carter 5

tim cavanaugh 1

bert challis 25

tom clark 13

ellen cleghorne 19

tim clue 26

cayne collier 30

wali collins

lord carret

tom cotter 31

john decosse


jimmy dore 16,31

costaki “stax” economopolous 33

john evans 4,16

the famous brothers

andres fernandez 14

jason fever 4,5,17

christian finnegan

jim gaffigan

steve gelder 31

paul gilmartin

todd glass 3,15, 34

eddie gossling 34

skip griparis 3

dan greuter 26

jim hamm 26

alan havey 29,31,32

vic henley

scott henry 13

harry hickstein 3,9

mary ellen hooper 30

john hope 1,16

james inman 2,27

steve iott 31,33

jake johannsen

dale jones 31

diana jordan 29

al katz 4,11

andy kindler

mark klein 28

carl labove 26

jeff klinger 3,24

rob little 5,15

ted lyde 10,14,26

randy lubas 31

vince maranto 19

dobie maxwell 13,29

kevin mcpeek 2,15

mike mercury 9

megan mooney 1

ron morey 3

sean morey

greg morton 32

t.p. mulrooney 19

kevin naughton 7

tim o’rourke 1

phil palisoul 23

jimmy pardo 2,31

chris penny 1,13, 31

emo philips 21, 31

john pinette 16

johnny pinney 13,15


kevin pollack 

larry reeb 5

j.r. remick

ryan ridley 3,11

roger rittenhouse 12

kenny rogerson 9

rita rudner 8,15

jim ruel 1,22

steve sabo 3

greg schwemm

julie scoggins 26,28

ken sevarra

jim short

tim slagle

auggie smith 17

wanda sykes 1,29

mike toomey 5

tim walkoe 9

charlie weiner 4,31

kerry white 4,26

sonya white 13

scott wickman 19

dwight york 7

rusty z 26

bob zany

ed cetera

1 boozehound, 2 ex-boozehound, 3 OCD, 4 time for a new headshot, 5 whoremonger, 6 RIP, 7 bitter, 8 binge eater, 9 strange odor(s),

10 mama’s boy, 11 paranoid, 12 pedophile, 13 brawler, 14 cheapskate, 15 sweats like a faucet, 16 sir smokesalot, 17 mooch,

18 thinks (s)he’s all that, 19 closet geek, 20 blowhard, 21 Northern Conservative Fundamentalist Baptist, Great Lakes Region, Council of 1879, 

22 hates litter, 23 can’t hit a free throw to save his life, 24 flipcharts, 25 nickname is “chili”, 26 whipped, 27 conspiracy nut, 28 right-winger,

29 acts all tough but likes puppies, 30 control-freak, 31 bought me dinner (thanks sucker!)  32 partial nudity,  33 folds to a reraise

34 gym rat   35 way gay

36 not self-absorbed

*If anyone catches any of these bums doing my material, let me know.


                                      comics i’d like to work with

franklin ajaye

dave attell

danny bevins

maria bamford

arj barker

mike birbiglia

dave chapelle

louis c.k.

ben elton

chris fairbanks

rich gabe

jeff garlin

greg giraldo

bob goldthwait

gilbert gottfried

robert hawkins

pete holmes

gabe kaplan

dwayne kennedy


jamie lissow

mike lukas

steve marmel

tim northern

mike olson

patton oswalt

brian posehn

brian potrafka

brian regan

dennis regan

craig robinson

jeffery ross

tom ryan

steve seagren

jimmy shubert

sarah silverman

doug stanhope

nick swardson

isaac witty

anne soahn

 your name missing? email me your sad pleas and I’ll see what I can do.

but don’t sweat it too much.  i update this page maybe once every other year.


comics i’m real sad i missed working with

mitch hedberg